Solar Control Window Film

Solar control window films are very popular in residential and commercial settings when reducing the glare, heat or fading is a primary concern. Window films block up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays as well as up to 80% of incoming heat for anywhere from a subtle to a dramatic change. These seemingly transparent films can allow a home or business to achieve great solar control results without sacrificing the view to the outside.

Energy Savings

A window’s glass is one of the leading causes of solar heat gain and loss in the home. During the spring and summer months, a significant amount of heat is let in through the glass causing the cooling system in your home to work harder to maintain your desired temperature. This works the same way in the winter months as you try to keep your house warm. As heat comes in and out, our heating and cooling systems work harder causing energy bills to increase. 3M window film can block up to 78% of the incoming heat, while acting as an insulator to keep heat in.

Glare Reduction

Glare reduction is one of the first things that brings 3M window film to mind as the sun shines in creating an annoying glare making it hard to see. Whether your goals are to be able to see the television better or make areas of your home or business comfortable to occupy, window film can be your solution for reducing the glare and maintaining view.

Fade Protection

Fading is another problem caused by the sun that can create significant damage to expensive floor coverings and furniture. Each of ARC Window Treatment’s professional grade 3M window films reduce 99% of harmful UV rays as well as the other main contributors to fading: heat and light. By using 3M window film, you can help prevent the sun from fading pictures, paintings, floors and furniture without losing the ability to see out of your windows.


Privacy is a wonderful feature of window film that can greatly increase the safety and security of your home. If criminals are not easily able to see what or whom they want in your home, they are less likely to commit criminal activity. With 3M window film installed, you can create the desired level of daytime privacy and feel comfortable in your home or business.

UV Protection

According to, about 90% of non-­‐melanoma skin cancers are associated with exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. Every single roll of ARC Window Treatment & Tinting’s film has a 99% UV protection rating making it a great choice to add to your glass as a stand-­‐alone product, or to compliment your window treatments.

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