Safety & Security Window Film

Safety3M safety and security window films are thicker, usually clear films, which are installed onto the glass and secured to the window frame with specified attachment systems. These films can be used to slow forced entry for anti-­‐intrusion, bomb blast mitigation and windstorm protection. Coming in a variety of thicknesses, these films are very popular in M.U.S.H. (Municipalities, Universities, Schools, and Hospitals) projects as well as residential settings to allow for a longer response time & protection in a crisis situation.

An In-Depth Look:

This family of window films can be divided into 3 main areas: safety window film (2-4 mil thickness), security window film (6-8mil thickness) and heavy security window film (10-14 mil thickness). These films generally are clear with a UV blocker, but there are tinted (sun control + security) combination window films available that offer heat and glare reduction in addition to the security benefits.

Safety Window Films (2-4 mil)

Safety window films are the best solution when glass shard protection is the main objective. Accidental glass breakage and single impact incidents are the most common uses for the film, but it has also been used to meet building code requirements, in food production environments and for public safety in restaurants, shopping centers, etc. The film is installed on the interior side of the glass and can be adhered to the window frame with an attachment system for additional safety. Safety film can be installed in a residential or commercial setting, and usually comes in at the best price point in comparison to its counterparts due to its speed of installation and optional use of attachment systems.

Security Window Films (6-8 mil)

Security window films of this thickness are the most popular for their ability to work as an anti-intrusion agent for a building or home. This film when paired with an attachment system has the ability to slow down the efforts of an intruder and allow the occupants to get to safety and for first responders to arrive. The 3M Ultra Series security film comes with a multi-layer construction for added protection without having to use a thicker film. This allows for a more economical and speedy installation that is very popular in schools, hospitals, places of worship and other spaces where smash and grab theft is a threat. The 3M Ultra series security film comes in a clear or tinted version for the ability to achieve a payback period along with the security benefits.

Heavy Security Window Films (10-14 mil)

Heavy security window films are designed when maximum security is necessary. With government referenced test results available for bomb blast mitigation and high-speed windstorms, these films are the answer for protecting occupants and property from flying glass shards. (Most common cause of injury) We recommend these films in government and military settings as well as spaces where accidental explosion is a concern.


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