Q: What is the process of getting a free estimate?
A: It’s very simple! Contact Us by phone or e-mail to schedule a free consultation for your project. We then meet with you, discuss options, verify measurements and deliver a quote for your project (usually that same day)!

Q: What are all of the services that you provide?
A: We focus on a select set of services including:

  • Window Film Sales and Installation
  • Custom Window Treatments Sales and Installation
  • Window Film and Treatment Removal

Q: Is your company a franchise?
A: No, we are a locally owned and operated company based out of Fort Wayne, IN. We strive to provide the professionalism and dependability of a large company with the service and personality of the family owned business we are.

Window Treatments

Q: Can I measure my windows myself?
A: Yes you can, but we will always make sure we measure before ordering your treatments. Contact us for more specific questions in regards to measuring.

Q: How do I choose a window treatment?
A: That’s easy! We will set up a time to meet with you and show you all of your options when it comes to treatments. We make sure that we listen to your styles and are always there to help you choose the correct custom treatments.

Q: Can you find a treatment for any size or shape window?
A: We put treatments on all shapes and sizes of windows. There is always a solution whether it is Blinds, Shades, Fabrics, or Shutters.

Window Tinting

Q: Do you tint cars?
A: No, we choose to focus specifically in the residential and commercial sector of tinting.

Q: Does the window tinting go on the inside or outside of the glass?
A: Most window films are applied to the inside of the glass. Exterior films are available when interior access is limited.

Q: Are there different shades of window film?
A: Yes! We primarily offer six different shades of solar control window film ranging from a very neutral appearance looking film, to a shiny reflective film to a virtually clear film.

Q: How long should I expect a window treatment or tinting consultation to take?
A: Our consultations are customized to your situation. Typically working with a client can last between 15 minutes and 1 hour depending on factors such as: number of windows, access to measurements, etc. The main goal is to make sure all options and ideas are explored during the consultation.

Q: Do your products and installation services come with warranties?
A: We honor the manufacturer’s warranties for both window treatments and tinting. The warranties vary per product and type of installation, but range from limited-lifetime to lifetime warranties in most situations. We choose to work with the manufacturers at top of our industry to ensure our customers only work with premium products. Give us a call and we will be happy to provide you with any warranty information.


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